Hiring Application

Do you love archery and writing? Now you have the opportunity to write about your hobby and earn money.

We are looking for a writer than knows their archery products inside out, can explain essential slang such as : Draw wight, the parts of a bow and how they function.

You also need to be able to explain this in an easy to read manner. We at archery power focuses a lot of informational content, but product reviews as well.

You need to be able to write about products you even never have used before. Since we want to provide readers with the most useful content as possible, you need to be able to gather helpful information by researching thoroughly through the web
If you are interested – write to this email: permarkusakerlund@hotmail.com

Include A short description of yourself and your experience within writing or archery.

If we like what you have to say on this application, you will be forwarded a 1000 word test where we send you a product we want you to review. If you do well with this, you have the opportunity to join the archerypower team as a content writer.

The pay will vary from the content quality, anywhere from 20-25$ per 1000 words can be expected.