7 Best Youth Crossbow To Buy In 2020

best youth crossbow

Buying a youth crossbow can be a hard task and finding the best youth crossbow can be even harder.

That is why I made a list of the most popular and well-made crossbows out there that is suiting for the youth. I am sure you will find a crossbow on this list that is suiting for your situation

Before we head into the best youth crossbow list, I want to mention a few things you should look at before your purchase. Buying a crossbow for an adult is one thing, but when you are purchasing a youth crossbow, there are a few additional measurements you should keep in mind such as safety.

CrossbowRecommended AgeCheck Here
Magnum Enterprises Wooden Rifle Cross Bow Set with 3...Age: 1-8 Buy on Amazon
Barnett Recruit Youth Light 30 78651 Yth Crossbow Pkg....Age: 8-15 Buy on Amazon
Wicked Ridge by TenPoint Crossbows Lady Ranger Crossbow...Age: 16+ Buy on Amazon
BARNETT Recruit Terrain Crossbow, 330 FPSAge: 16+ Buy on Amazon

Best youth crossbows reviewed and rated

Here is the list of the best youth crossbows: There will be a crossbow for every age on this list so make sure to look through them all, and I am sure you will find something you and your youth will like.

1. Magnum Enterprises – Best crossbow for small kids

Magnum Enterprises Wooden Rifle Cross Bow Set with 3...
  • This crossbow set is the perfect twist on a child's first...
  • Just place an arrow on the flight groove, draw back the...
  • All Magnum Enterprises rubber band guns, swords and other...

For small kids, I would advise you to purchase the magnum enterprise wooden crossbow. Its made in the USA, they make it out of wood and the bolts are equipped with rubber tips. This is a great option for smaller children that is not ready for real bolts and the crossbow power yet.

The crossbow is recommended for 14 years old and up, but I think its more suiting for even younger youths as well.

The length of the crossbow is “23.5 and because of the wood material, the crossbow should be fairly easy to handle as well.

Overall this is a great crossbow for kids who are just starting out I would say its one of the best youth crossbow for 8-16-year-olds. After that, you can consider the crossbows mentioned earlier on this list.

2. Barnett Youth 30 Compound Crossbow – The overall Best

Recommended Age: 8+

Barnett Recruit Youth Light 30 78651 Yth Crossbow Pkg....
  • Crossbow package includes premium Red dot scope, rope...
  • Shoots 140 FPS, 17 fpke at 30 pound draw weight
  • Adjustable butt pad


This is the best youth crossbow with crank I found during my research, it is specially designed for youth in order to make it as safe as possible, but still, deliver the same effect and feeling you would get by using an adult crossbow.

The draw weight is adjusted down to 30lbs which is perfect for a minor who is just starting out. With 30lbs draw weight, every youth should be able to easily cock the crossbow themselves without having to use extra accessories.

The Barnett youth 30 has an adjustable buttstock and it has finger reminders in order to keep your youths fingers safe during the shot.

However, if you are going to use this crossbow for hunting you need to check with the regulations in your area, due to the lower draw weight this crossbow can potentially be illegal to use for hunting.

This crossbow combined with the crossbow scope that comes with it you can shoot very accurate shots at short distances, but it will lack the accuracy on longer ranges because of the low draw weight.

This is the perfect starter bow for those who can’t handle the bigger crossbows, but dont want a plastic toy either. Its price friendly, lightweight, easy to draw and specially designed for youth. There isn’t much else you can ask for.

3. Barnett Recruit Terrain Crossbow 330 FPS

Recommended Age: 16+

BARNETT Recruit Terrain Crossbow, 330 FPS
  • 330 feet per second. Draw weight: 140 lbs Kinetic energy:...
  • Overall weight 6.4 lbs | axle to axle 16.125" | dimensions...
  • Ships mostly assembled. Anti-Vibration Foot Stirrup

This is a crossbow that has a lot of speed and power but is still easy to draw and use. When you purchase a crossbow you need to make sure they will be able to use it and draw the string.

I would advise not to buy this bow for youth below 16 years old. This is an excellent crossbow, but it needs to be handled consciously and with respect. In addition to this, the draw weight is a lot higher than the Barnett youth 30 as well.

If you decide to purchase this one and your youth decides to continue on with the sports for several years then this is a crossbow that can follow along. Its an advanced and high-end crossbow that can perform extremely well. So there will be no need to purchase another crossbow for years ahead.

The draw weight of the Barnett recruit is 160 LBS and the length is “37 from axle to axle. The reason it suits for younger adults is because of the weight and the draw weight. Their arent any crossbow out there that can you such a great ratio between speed, draw weight and weight as the Barnett.

As you may know, Barnett is one of the best manufacturers out there when it comes to archery equipment, so this is not some average crossbow, its a very high-end crossbow that is suited to last for years and perform like no other youth crossbow out there. But keep in mind that this is not a crossbow designed for youth, but for adults, which means it will be heavier to draw and handle.

4. Best Youth crossbow for the money – Parker Bushwacker Crossbow 

Recommended Age: 12+ 

Parker Bushwacker Crossbow Pkg, 4x MR Scope
  • Ultra lightweight design, weighs a mere 7 pounds
  • Draw weight 160 pounds, overall length 37", axle-to-axle...
  • Bushwacker Package includes 4-arrow quick-detach quiver, 4...

If your youth is looking for an advanced crossbow that he can use for years to come then this is a great alternative. I wouldn’t advise buying this for youth below 15 years old since it is a high lbs crossbow that can be fairly hard to draw.

If they are strong enough and old enough this is the one I would recommend you to buy if the Barnet didn’t fall in taste. It is overall a great crossbow made of high-quality materials and that has proven to show incredible accuracy in the crossbow field.

It comes as a complete package with a quiver, 4 arrows and a 4x multi-reticle scope! which is more than you could ask for at this price point. If anything of the parts break you are assured with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer that got your back if anything goes wrong.

Its made in the USA as well, so if you are from the USA you have the option to support your fellow citizens as well.


5.Wicked Ridge by TenPoint Crossbows

Recommended age: 16+ 

Wicked Ridge by TenPoint Crossbows Lady Ranger Crossbow...
  • 150 lb draw weight is LIGHT ENOUGH to cock with ease yet...
  • COMPLETE PACKAGE: Lady Ranger Crossbow, TenPoint 3x...

The wicked ridge by tenpoint is designed for women making it a great crossbow for youth as well. It’s designed to deliver high-quality shots with as low of a draw weight as possible which is exactly what we are looking for when we are trying to find the best youth crossbow.

Tenpoint is another big brand in the crossbow community and has delivered high-quality pieces for years. Crossbows for women has been requested for years and they delivered a great bow with low draw weight which is exactly what we need more off.

This is a remarkable crossbow that is lightweight and has a low draw weight making it easy to handle and draw for youth and young adults. It comes as a complete package as well, so when you receive this crossbow there will be a 3x multi-line scope, 3 arrows and a 3 arrow quiver which is literally everything you need.

6. XGear Crossbow

Recommended age: 16+

XGear Crossbow 160lbs 210fps Archery Equipment Hunting...
  • Weights 5.85 lbs., with 160 lbs. draw weight, and max speed...
  • Power Stroke: 10.5". Trigger Pull: 6 lbs.
  • Length: 34.5", Width: 26.5". Arrow Tip Weight: 125 grains

The xGear crossbow is another lightweight crossbow that can do well as a youth crossbow, but the draw weight is high at 160lbs, so this is designed for bigger kids that have some extra power in their arms.

It is equipped with an anti-dry fire system that protects the crossbow and makes it last longer by preventing dry fires which can potentially cause damage to the crossbow.

It comes equipped with a red dot sight which makes it a lot easier to shoot with and as you can see on the picture it comes with a string and a cocking rope which can be used to make the draw weight easier to handle.

If you decide to buy other crossbows in this list that doesn’t have a cocking rope included it could be a great idea to buy it separately.

It comes with a quiver, bolts, string wax, and a padded sling. It has literally all you need in one package in order to get started.

I would NOT recommend this for youth under 16. This is a bigger crossbow with real bolts, so it could potentially be dangerous if they aren’t up for the power and damage this crossbow can do. If you have youth under 16 then I recommend you to look at lower lbs crossbows we have mentioned on this list.

7. Barnett Jackal Crossbow

Recommended age: 16+

Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package (Quiver, 3 - 20-Inch...
  • Velocity: 315 FPS
  • Includes 3 arrows
  • Smooth 3. 5 lb. trigger pull

Here is another great crossbow that can be used by younger adults. As I mentioned earlier Barnett has a lot of experience in the field and their crossbows always reflect that with their high quality and performance.

If you are looking for the best youth crossbow for hunting then this is the one. The barnett jackal is specially designed for hunting with its high speed performance and sleek camo design.

It is built with leight weight material making it easy to handle, carry and use. This is a huge benefit if you want to bring it along on your hunts because walking around with a heavy crossbow can tear you down very quickly.

My favorite part about the Jackal is that it comes as a complete package. When your youth recive this amazon package he will be ready to go out shooting from day 1. It comes with 3 arrows, a high-end red dot sight and a quiver.

With 808 customers so far on amazon rating it as 4/5 starts overall you can be sure that this is a crossbow that will perform well and last you for years.

8. Daisy Youth Crossbow

Daisy 4003 Youth Crossbow, Black, Regular
  • Training crossbow for young shooters
  • 29 lb. draw weight
  • Adjustable rear sight

This is my favorite youth crossbow on the list, after hours of research, I finally found what I was looking for a youth crossbow that is not designed for adults, but not a toy either.

Daisy youth crossbow is perfect in the middle crossbow for youth that is looking to get into the sport without having to spend hundreds of dollars in order to get a functional crossbow.

The daisy crossbow is one of best youth crossbows for youth under 10, if you are looking for a high-quality youth crossbow that doesn’t break the bank then this is a great contestant.

If your kid is not sure if he will continue with the sport or not then I would start with this crossbow.

If your youth decide to really get into the sport I would advise you to invest in higher-end adult crossbows from this list, but before that, your kid needs to be able to handle the draw weight and power that comes with these crossbows. The daisy crossbow is a great starting point that you can upgrade later on.

What to look out for when purchasing the best youth crossbow

Safety Features

I dont know the age of your child, but one thing is for sure, it matters. The younger they are the more conscious you have to be. You dont want an unconcentrated kid handling a firearm, but if you have an automatic safety and an anti-dry fire system you can avoid most dangerous situations.


The second factor is the price. As I mentioned earlier not all kids are dedicated to sticking with archery for a long enough time to make a big investment worth it. That is why we focused to give you a variety of crossbows in different price ranges and age ranges.


Lastly, you need to consider the weight of the crossbow. The smaller the kid, the lighter crossbow you want. It can be hard to keep the crossbow steady if its to heavy. So make sure to purchase a crossbow your kid can handle.

Now lets jump to the fun part, here is the list!

Extra equipment

Check to see what extra equipment that comes with the crossbow. A scope, quiver, and bolts are some of the essentials you would need to get started.

Other investments you should consider after the purchase is a bow release to improve accuracy and an archery target to shoot at, but before that let’s take a look at the list we have put together for you.

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