10 Best Single Pin Bow Sights To Buy In 2020


Best Overall
HHA Optimizer Lite Sight - OL-3019 RH
Premium Pick
Black Gold Ascent Verdict Single Pin Sight, 0.19
Best Value
GWS Cyclops 1 Sight
HHA Optimizer Lite Sight - OL-3019 RH
Black Gold Ascent Verdict Single Pin Sight, 0.19
GWS Cyclops 1 Sight
Prime Status
Best Overall
HHA Optimizer Lite Sight - OL-3019 RH
HHA Optimizer Lite Sight - OL-3019 RH
Prime Status
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Premium Pick
Black Gold Ascent Verdict Single Pin Sight, 0.19
Black Gold Ascent Verdict Single Pin Sight, 0.19
Prime Status
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Best Value
GWS Cyclops 1 Sight
GWS Cyclops 1 Sight
Prime Status
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To find the best single pin bow sight on the market, you need to look for quality material, high accuracy, easy to use, and cost-effectiveness.

Single pin bow sight has increased in popularity in the last few years and that for a good reason.

With a single pin bow sight, there is less clutter in the scope resulting in better accuracy and making it easier to aim, and that is exactly why I use it and recommend it to most archers in my club.

It`s not impossible to shoot without a bow sight, but it is harder. When we are hunting, or in an archery competition, we are always looking to get an edge. That’s why we recommend getting the best single pin bow sight you can afford.

Instead of you having to do all the research in order to find a great sight we put together a list for you making it super easy for you to find what you truly want.

Top 10 single pin bow sights reviews (Sorted by type)

1. HHA Optimizer Lite Sight – OL-3019 – Best Vertical Pin Bow Sight

HHA Optimizer Lite Sight - OL-3019 RH
  • Sight in at 20 & 60 yards and you're dialed in from 20 to...
  • Sight Housing: 1 5/8"
  • Fully protected fiber optics

HHA optimizer has been the editors choice of bowhunting world for 10 years and remains as the single most sold single pin bow sight on amazon! The HHA optimizer is equipped with unique features making them ahead of their competitors.

This is a super durable single pin bow sight because of its fully protected pin and is built on solid materials.

The reviews on amazon can back this up with a whopping 4.9 stars that are rooting for this sight. It’s clutter-free, durable, very accurate and is not too expensive.

I like that you don’t need any tool to adjust the bow sight. When you are hunting you need a sight that is easy and quick to adjust. There isn’t any doubt why its been the editors choice and stamped as the best single pin bow sight of many outdoor magazines.

When you get this sight shipped to your house it only takes a few arrows to adjust it because of HHA`s sighting system. There is minimal time wasted adjusting and configuring this bow. Attach, shoot, adjust and boom, you are ready to go!

The sight comes in two different types, RH and LH. Make sure to buy the version that with your dominant shooting side. Purchase it with our amazon link to get a full lifetime warranty.

In addition to the easy adjustments, the pin is bright as well which makes it easy to see and use in low light conditions as well.

If you haven’t made up your mind on what single pin bow sight to choose yet after reading on our top list then I promise you, you can’t go wrong with this one. Take a few shots with it yourself and you will understand why.

It comes with sight tapes, blanks, clears and tape that matches most sight speeds. It comes with two different tapes, adjust to either 20 and 60 yards and test to determine which type of tape you prefer to use.


When you get this sight shipped to your house it only takes a few arrows to adjust it because of HHA`s sighting system. There is minimal time wasted adjusting and configuring this bow. Attach, shoot, adjust and boom, you are ready to go!

The sight comes in two different types, RH and LH. Make sure to buy the version that with your dominant shooting side. Purchase it with our amazon link to get a full lifetime warranty.

2.Black Gold Ascent VerdictBest single pin bow sight for hunting

Black Gold Ascent Verdict Single Pin Sight, 0.19
  • Level Head sight ring is far easier to adjust, far more...
  • Indicator needle is more precise, better protected;...
  • Splined vertical drive gear increases durability by 80% and...

This sight is loved by many hunters and there is a good reason for this. I have personally used this sight for 3 years now and is my favorite sight. It has a perfect balance of features and weight.

Some scopes can get heavy because of too many features, but I think the Black Gold Ascent Verdict has nailed the balance between the two.

The pin is one of the brightest on the market, and it turns purple to automatically block UV light from hitting the fibers when the sun is too bright, which is a neat feature.

The pin is 300% brighter than the standard sights because of the PhotoChromatic Shell which changes color and brightness, this prevents the light from blinding you as well.

It has a 2nd and 3d axis which you can adjust, this is a must if you want to hunt in elevation or shoot at longer distances.

A lot of hunting sights can be difficult and time-consuming to adjust because of finicky rings and knobs to turn. Black golden have solved this problem entirely by implementing the new head sight ring which is easy and quick to adjust and even has the option to set a pre-set setting that you can quickly adjust to.

The Black Gold Ascent Verdict is known for its accuracy, faceplate, and durability.

The ascent verdict is quieter, more durable and better designed than all of their previous models, making this the best single pin sight for hunting!


3. Apex Gear Covert 1-Pin Best Single Pin Adjustable Bow Sight

Apex Covert Sight .019 RH/LH Black
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Adjustable 2nd and 3Rd axis
  • Compact design

This is an excellent solution for every archer. Apex makes it possible for you to change to the pin size that fits your need. You have the option to switch between a .019″ and .010″ pin. Apex Gear Covert 1-Pin uses a quick switch technology as well, making it simple and super fast to change the pin your sight.

It`s a durable sight made of 100% engineered aluminum. The aluminum can make noise if two parts touch together, but Apex has solved this problem entirely by brushing the aluminum, which makes it smooth and quiet with no metal to metal contact.

The color and brightness change automatically as well because of the rheostat light. This makes it possible for you to hunt and shoot in any lightning-condition.

It can be used by both left and right handed archers, make sure to select the correct one when you are checking out on amazon.

The Apex Gear Convert 1-Pin is great for : 3d Archers, Target shooting and Hunting


4. TRUGLO Range Rover Pro Sight – Accurate vertical sight Review

TRUGLO Range Rover Archer's Choice 1-Pin Sight .019"...
  • Ultra-smooth bracket for easy one-hand adjustment
  • Adjustable for RH-LH shooters
  • Removable rheostat light included

This single pin bow sight is fully adjustable with micro-adjustments for wind, elevation and distance stop. It has a small green dot in the middle of the sight which makes it easier to aim at longer distances. It’s possible for both left and right-handed to use this single pin bow sight as well.

I and a friend had some issues with mounting it on his Hoyt bow, but on the second attempt we figured how to do it properly and after some tuning, this scope was a dream to use and shoot with.

It’s simple, clutter-free and perfect for accurate shooting with a great option for micro-adjustments. This is Turglo`s brightest and best single pin bow sight so far.

Perfect for: hunting, target shooting, and 3D archery



5. GWS Cyclops 1 Sight – Best Single Pin Bow Sight For The Money

The GWS Cyclops 1 sight is one of the best single pin bow sights you can get, at least for this price. It has been highly rated on amazon with 4.8 stars, and all customers are happy with the way it performs both the optic pin, price point, and accuracy. It’s hard to find a single pin bow sight that beats the quality and price range of this sight.

The GWS Cyclops can be used on both left and the right side of the bow and the pin is made of green fiber. It has a bright pin which is easy to use in low light conditions. It’s not equipped with a lot of features, but it has everything you need.

If you are looking for a sight that is cheap, made of high-quality materials, durable and a single pin bow sight that works great for both bowhunting and target shooting then I highly suggest you check this beast out on amazon.

If this is your first time buying a single pin bow sight then this would be my personal favorite and recommendation for you. Don’t trust me, trust the reviews and comments on amazon, only great things to be said for this one

Features and extra information: Can be used for both left and right-handed users, 1.6 ounces, easily adjustable, fit for any bow out there.



6. Apex Gear Covert Pro  – Best Reticle Bow Sight

Apex Gear AG2301GB 1 Dot Covert Pro Sight, Right...
  • Pro dot illuminated aiming point
  • Easy one hand adjustment
  • Rear facing sight tape with adjustable indicator pin

This is a great clutter-free reticle sight that is perfect for any archer that want to increase the simplicity of their aiming and increasing their accuracy at the same time. The modern reticle bow sights work wonders for a lot of the archers in my club and say they will never go back to a traditional bow sight again.

In my opinion its one of the top contestant in this best single pin sight list, I think the modern reticle bow sights are easier to use and learn than most traditional bow sights, so if you are a beginner and is looking for sight than I suggest you try this reticle sight.

In the sight, you have an illuminated dot to aim with, easy one-handed adjustment knobs and micro adjustments for windage which is an amazing feature to have. It’s an accurate sight that can handle thousands of shots without affecting its performance or accuracy.

By changing the archery club students over to reticle pin sight we have seen great results and improvements. I highly suggest you check it out or try it if you see a lucky archer equipped with it.


7. Trophy Ridge Pursuit – Lightest single pin bow sight


Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Pin Bow Sight (Left Hand)
  • High-performance vertical pin allows for sight’s...
  • Delrin bushings create smooth, quiet movement with no...
  • Adjustable brightness to suit any visibility condition with...

Trophy Ridge pursuit is a great single pin bow sight that offers great value for your money. It’s not as good as the others mentioned on this list, but it’s still a great sight that can be a good companion on your next hunt.

When first setting up the bow sight, it can be a little tedious, but with some adjustments, the sight can perform well in most situations.

If you are on a budget and looking for a decent bow sight then I would recommend you to purchase the Trophy Ridge pursuit equipped with a single pin, adjustable, hi-viz vertical pin.

This is not the best single pin bow sight out there, but it’s well made and has some neat features. Combine the trophy ridge with a great arrow rest and you should be more than ready for the hunting season!


Single pin bow sights vs multiple pins

In order to get the best accuracy as possible we use single pin bow sights.

Single pin bow sights have only one pin, the reason so many people like them is because of their simplicity and ease of use. Having only one pin to focus on makes it easier to aim and focus on the target.

With multiple pins, you get more blind spots, and you see less of what’s in front of you. While hunting this is something I try to avoid at all costs.

When shooting with a single pin bow sight you need to adjust the sight according to your distance, if you are shooting from 30 yards you need to set the adjustment mark to 30 yards.

The con of the single pin bow sight is that you have to change the distance for each shot. If your buck is moving it can make this a lot harder, but its something you will adjust to sooner or later.

To find a good single pin bow sight you need to look for a sight that you can adjust quickly and easily. Luckily most of the single pin sights function well and can even be adjusted with one hand. There are a few downsides to the single pin bow sights, but they do have their advantages as well.

Multiple pin sights have the advantage of multiple pins at different distances. By having more pins available, you don’t have to adjust for every shot at various ranges, but you can choose the pin which corresponds to the distance you are shooting at.

Multiple pin sights usually have 4-6 pins, and all of those pins have their set distance. Sometimes you have to shoot between two pins, and this can be challenging for a lot of us, it takes skill and guesswork to find the sweet spot for each distance.

Multiple pin sight is great for those who are looking to have the option to shoot at different distances without having to adjust and can tolerate the extra clutter that comes with it.

How to choose the best single pin bow sight

Man shooting with a compound bow with a verticle single pin bow sight in the woods

I will explain shortly the difference between the sights I have mentioned in the article to give you a better understanding of possible negative or positive affects each type have.

You want to have a preferred setup or an ideal sight in mind before you make the purchase. All sight will fit your bow, but the question is which one do you prefer and like the most.

First off you need to pick which type of sight you want after that you can start to look for sight within that category. Set yourself a preferred price range as well, so you don’t break your budget. After that, you are ready to go hunting for your best single pin bow sight. As you can see choosing a single pin bow sight is very similar to finding the best rubber boots, they both have to fit you and your requirements.

1. Reticle bow sights

are increasing in popularity and are the new go-to sight for many professional hunters. It can be hard to convert from a single pin bow sight to a reticle bow sight, but after a few shots, I can bet you will like it.

While shooting with a single pin bow sight you have to remember how you held the pin in correlation to the target, but when you use a reticle bow sight there is no guessing or a need to remember anything.

The reticle sight has a single dot in the middle of the sight, so the only thing you need to do is to point, aim and shoot making it very simple to achieve high accuracy.

The downside with the reticle sight is that they are not as fast as the multi-pin bow sights and they are not as durable as the other sights. If you have purchased one you need to make sure to not scratch the sight. If you are traveling with these I guest you to purchase or bow case or some sort of protection for the sight.

2. Vertical pin sights

This is the sight that most professional hunters use, having only one pin in the sight makes it easier for you to see the area in front of you which is a huge benefit while hunting.

The vertical pin sights are far more durable than the reticle pin sight and can last for years. As I mentioned earlier you have to somewhat remember how you position your pin in comparison to your target, but after some practice, this comes naturally and doesn’t affect the overall accuracy.

3. Pin size and brightness

When you are hunting in the dark then its a must have a single pin bow sight with great light in order to see where you are aiming. And you don’t want to get blinded by a bright pin either, so you need to find a sight with the perfect light that isn’t too sharp and not too soft.

Regarding the pin size, you need to find something that fits for you. The most common pin size is the .019 which is a medium-sized pin.

You also have the .029 which is on the bigger side and .010 which is the smallest option. If you choose to go with the smaller sized pins than you want to have a light in most cases since they can be harder to spot in low light conditions.

4. Adjustments

As you know this is a list of only single pin bow sights so all have adjustments for elevation, but not all have micro-adjustments. 2nd and 3rd axes adjustments are recommended at least if you are going to shoot at long distances or elevations.

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