9 Best Rubber Boots To Buy in 2020


Best Overall
Bogs Men's Classic Ultra High Insulated Waterproof...
Suited for Hunting
Bogs Men's Classic High Waterproof Insulated Rain Boot,...
Bogs Men's Carson Low Waterproof Rain Boot, Black, 9...
Fishing Boots
Kamik Men's Icebreaker Cold Weather Boot,Khaki/Brown,11...
For Kids
BOGS Kids' Skipper Waterproof Rubber Rain Boot for Boys...
Best Overall
Bogs Men's Classic Ultra High Insulated Waterproof...
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Suited for Hunting
Bogs Men's Classic High Waterproof Insulated Rain Boot,...
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Bogs Men's Carson Low Waterproof Rain Boot, Black, 9...
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Fishing Boots
Kamik Men's Icebreaker Cold Weather Boot,Khaki/Brown,11...
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For Kids
BOGS Kids' Skipper Waterproof Rubber Rain Boot for Boys...
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There are several different brands out there that promises you that they have the best rubber boots, but they usually not. This article will help you to filter out the bad once so you can purchase a pair of rubber boots of the quality you deserve.

When I recently bought my new rubber boots, there were a few factors I prioritized more than others. Those were weight and comfort. I usually walk long distances when I am out camping or hunting, so having a pair of rubber boots that are both comfortable and lightweight is essential.

I have two pair of rubber boots, one pair for warmer climates and one pair for colder climates. This is just a personal preference, but I have constructed this list in a way that there is something for everyone. I didn’t only find excellent winter rubber boots, but for summer, insulated, not insulated, etc. so you can find the one who matches your needs the best.

Best rubber boots reviewed and rated

Bogs Classic Ultra High – Best rubber boots overall

Bogs Men's Classic Ultra High Insulated Waterproof...
  • 100% waterproof rain and snow boot. Circumference at calf...
  • Winter/rain boot with waterproof shell bottom featuring a...
  • Durable hand-lasted rubber over a four-way stretch inner...

As you know, I bought a couple of rubber boots recently, and this was the pair I went with. During my research, I couldn’t find any rubber boots that could match the overall quality of these, at least not in this price range. Its only one pair that I will mention later on, but they didnt fit too well on my foot.

The Bogs Classic Ultra High has a short shaft that makes them very easy to take on and off even when you are sitting. As you can see, you have two grips on the side, which help while taking them on, but it makes the height of the boot short, which isn’t optimal.

They are insulated and super comfortable. I used them for hours without any discomfort at all, and the insulation can help you manage below 0 weather and rain as it were nothing.

I have had three hikes with the boots so far, and I haven’t gotten any blisters or pain in my feet which I often do from bad rubber boots. I do enjoy them, but they have some negative sides as well.

First of all, they are not very fashionable, this is a pair of work/hiking boots, and that is what they reflect. The shaft is also shorter because of the handles on the sides. This means you can’t walk in as deep rivers as you would without the handles, but they are there for a good reason which I think adds up for the negative.

But I must say, I am super happy about my purchase so far! I have only brought them with me on three hikes so far, so I haven’t tested all the aspects of the rubber boots, but I will try come back later on and give you more feedback.

Edit: Hey, I just wanted to drop by and say that they are still holding up great and this is a pair of rubber boots you will not regret! I have had them for about a year now, and they are still my favorite pair of rubber boots to this date. If you are looking for the best-insulated rubber boots, here you go!

Baffin Endro – Best budget rubber boots

Baffin Men's Enduro PT Rain Boot
  • Pull-on rain boot featuring logoed front shaft and grippy...

If you are looking for a cheap pair of rubber boots, this is the way to go. The Baffin Enduro has a wide shaft which allows you to take them easily on and off. They dont have any specific design, if someone told you to picture a pair of rubber boots, this would be the design most picture themselves.

The Baffin Enduro is not insulated, so if you are going to wear these in the wintertime you need to invest in a good pair of socks to keep warm, but this isn’t something if you are going to use them as rain boots in the summer.

The insoles of the boots are not very comfortable either. If you are going to use this for work or longer hikes, I suggest you switch them out.

Besides the insoles and the insulation, these are a pair of rubber boots that will give you every penny of what they are worth. There are not any rubber boots that compete with the quality of these, not at least in this price range from what I found.

Bogs Men’s Carson – Top Pick for Good Looks and Mild Use

Do you want to stay stylish and dry at the same time? Then this pair is a good alternative. These low top Bogs are has a great design with high-quality materials, making it an excellent fit for an everyday rubber boot.

A problem I have found using such rubber boots for my everyday shoes is that they can be very slippery, but actually, from what I have read these bogs have solved that problem entirely with a solid out-sole which will help you stay on your feet even in the slippery snow.

Since these are fashion rubber boots, they are a bit slimmer in width than the regular rubber boots.

Overall these are a great choice if you are looking for a pair of shoes to keep you dry during your day without hurting your overall style.

Bogs Men’s Classic – Best Rubber Boots for Hunting

Bogs Men's Classic High Waterproof Insulated Rain Boot,...
  • The product is 100% waterproof
  • Natural hand-lasted rubber and a four way stretch inner...
  • Non-slip non-marking and self-cleaning outsole.

The bogs men’s classic was the best rubber boots I could find for hunting. These boots will most definitly keep you dry through rough weather or while crossing a river.

They are high cut rubber shoes and are 100% waterproof, which is essential if you are going to hunt in wet areas.

The upper part of the bogs rubber boots is made of nylon, which makes them very easy to take on and off. A small feature that I enjoy is their extra rubber piece on the heal, which makes it easy to take off with the other shoe. That way you dont have to use your hands on the dirty shoes after a long hike.

Since this is a pair of hunting shoes, the camouflage is an essential part of the shoes, and the bogs rubber shoes don’t disappoint in that area either. These boots are covered with mozzy oak camo pattern which ensures you will stay hidden during your hunts.

They are advertised as winter boots and that they can be used in -40-degree weather, but I am here to deliver you the truth. They can’t. These are a great pair of hunting boots, one of the best, but they are designed for cold climates.

If you are going to use them in sub 0 weather, I would recommend you to invest in a good pair of socks and maybe add another sole with better insulation.

Still, because of this negative side of the boots, I think they are the best-insulated rubber hunting boots. The quality materials used and the bright design makes these comfortable, durable, and lightweight, which most brands fail to deliver.

LaCrosse Men’s – Great support and comfort, but lack of durability

LaCrosse Men's AeroHead 18" 3.5mm Hunting Boot,Mossy...
  • Patented AeroForm technology delivers extreme comfort and...
  • Molded polyurethane over a 3.5mm neoprene core for...
  • Thick polyurethane midsole for best-in-class cushioning and...

If you thought it was impossible to make thin comfortable and protective rubber boots, then you were wrong. The lacrosse rubber boots are referred by many in the hunting community as the most comfortable rubber boots, and that is for a good reason.

The boots had three layers of rubber in the front section and two layers in the heal section to give you the protection you need. The added support is something you will appreciate in the future when you are on a long hike or stalking your prey.

If you have plantar fasciitis like me, you will love the extra support as well, I have been struggling with this for a while and finding boots that provide enough support can be a daunting task.

As I mentioned earlier, these boots have it all from significant support, weight, and comfort. But there is one issue that has occurred to several of the users of these hunting boots, and that is that they dont last for a very long time. For some customer, the boots have only lasted for a couple of months, which is not very long considering they are rubber boots.

If it weren’t for the lack of durability, I would have given this the number one spot.

The original Muchboots – best rubber work boots

Muck Boot The Original MuckBoots Adult Scrub...
  • Waterproof scrub boot in low-calf height featuring lower...
  • Breathable AirMesh lining
  • Muck Boot

When you are working hard, you at least deserve a couple of comfortable shoes. With the original much boots will keep you dry and comfortable throughout your workday.

I have stated before that comfort is one of the most important factors when you are looking for a great pair of rubber boots for work.

It doesn’t matter if it was Leonardo Da Vinci who made them, if they make you uncomfortable and cold, you should either donate them or throw them in the bin straight away.

There are so many high-quality work boots out there, such as the much boots, so there is no reason to make your workday worse because of low quality work boots.

If you purchase the Muchboots this isn’t something you have to worry about tho, the reinforced heel and unique design ensures that your feet will stay input and comfortable.

No, comfort is not its only strength. The Muchboots is waterproof and breathable as well, which is essential as well.

With the high shafts and the stretchy nylon on the top, you have a pair of boots that will keep you nice and dry on most occasions. That a pair of rubber boots is waterproof isn’t a shocking fact for most people, but you would be surprised how many rubber boosts I have tested that have started leaking after a couple of usages.

Other pros of these boots are the breathable material and the kick rim. The review is starting to get pretty long so I will keep it short.

If you find a pair of cheap rubber boots that are waterproof, they are rarely made of breathable materials. So instead of getting wet from the outside, you will start to sweat from the inside, this can cause blisters and pains in the long run, and it’s not very comfortable or practical.

As you know, most parts of the Muchboots are made of nylon, which is a breathable lining making you nice and dry both from the rain and from the inside.

The Muchboots doesn’t have anything fancy about them; they have just done the essential parts very well to ensure that you get the best rubber boots possible.

Kamik Men’s – Best rubber boots for fishing

Kamik Men's Icebreaker Cold Weather Boot,Khaki/Brown,11...
  • Knee-high boot in rubber featuring contrast cuff with...
  • Self-cleaning outsole
  • Textured toe bumper

When you are out fishing the essential part is to stay dry. Having that I mind, we researched all over the place to find the rubber boots that was 100% waterproof and had a long shaft with some stretching or rope on the top to ensure that there was no possible way for the water from entering the boots.

The rubber boots we found during our research were the Kamik Men’s rubber boots. They are robust and 100% waterproof and had the features we were looking for.

Still, if it has a tightening system, the boots are easy to take on and off. This was a concern we had in the beginning but turned out to be a waste of worry.

Not only are they waterproof, but they are hot as well. The insulation works excellent to keep your feets warm, the boots are advertised to work under -40 degrees, but from my previous experiences these numbers rarely match up with the truth. But I have faith in them, and I am sure they can handle at least -20 degrees easily.

The only downside I could manage to find with these rubber shoes was the sizing, they do run a bit small so if you are choosing between the size under or over, then select the bigger size shoe.

Overall these are a great pair of rubber shoes, and there is no question why many states that these are the best rubber boots for fishing.

Bogs Kids’ Skipper – Best rubber boots for toddlers

BOGS Kids' Skipper Waterproof Rubber Rain Boot for Boys...
  • DuraFresh organic bio-technology activates to fight odors
  • Bogs Max-Wick moves sweat away from your foot to keep you...

As I mentioned earlier, I was going to create a list for everyone and toddlers needs a good pair of rubber boots as well. Still, if they are just kids, they deserve comfortable and waterproof rubber boots.

Luckily there are several great manufacturers creating rubber boots for toddlers. The one I liked the most was the Bogs kids rubber shoes. They come in a wide variety of colors, so there should be something for every taste. The website on amazon gives a variety of sizes as well, which is very accurate, sometimes you need to go a number up or down depending on the manufacturer, but these are spot on.

Overall they are a great pair of rubber boots which should keep your toddler’s feet dry and comfortable. There have been two or three bad reviews on this product where the rubber has torn, but for the vast majority of the customers, the boots hold up great and deliver on its promises.

Bogs Men’s Forge – Best steel toe rubber boots

Bogs Men's Forge Steel Toe Waterproof Rubber Work Rain...
  • Pull-on work boot with logoed shaft and protective steel toe
  • Chemical- and slip-resistant lugged outsole

If you are going to be doing the construction or industrial work, it’s essential to have the extra safety features in place such as a pair of rubber boots with steel toes.

The Bogs forge is comfortable to wear, durable and not to heavy either. The steel toe is approved by the ASTM, so you can be sure your toes will stay protected throughout your workday.

The boots are equipped with a neoprene lid on the upper part of the boot to ensure that no water or waste gets in your shoe. Being socked during a workday isn’t optimal, the neoprene will ensure that this doesn’t happen and that you stay dry and free from infections.

Bogs have used four layers on the inner part of the shoe, which provides extra comfort, insulation, and durability. That is why these boots can be used sub 0 degrees without any struggle. If you are going to use them in very cold climates sub 20- I would invest in a good pair of socks.

These are a great pair of working boots for those who need extra protection from the steel toe. Check them out for yourself, and you will be surprised by the quality and comfort these bogs boots can deliver.

I have made many purchases lately such as my single pin bow sight and tree stand, both of these were great! But my Bogs Men`s forge purchase is hard to beat on value and prize. I just got these boots in the mail and oh my they are great, use them for outdoor work all day, every day!

How to choose the best rubber boots

Now when I have shown you the best rubber boots, let me show you how you can find the best rubber boots for yourself or at least the factors you should take into count.

Rubber Boots insulation

The first thing to take notice of and what you need to decide on is what rubber boots do you need. If you are going to use the rubber boots in cold weather, you need to look into boots with thicker and more insulation so you down freeze your toes off during the winter cold.

You need to expect that these boots will be more substantial and a bit more expensive than those without insulation.

If you are looking for summer boots then most rubber boots should work, but you should aim for boots with thinner insulation, you don`t want to start sweating either. That can lead to blisters because of the friction between the sock and your skin.

The fit

Having a pair of rubber boots that fit well can be more important than the boots themselves. There are a few considerations you should have in mind when deciding on the fit. I like to have some extra room in my boots because I always wear thick socks, if you do the same then you should account for some extra space when you are deciding on your purchase.

I usually account for 1 or two sizes extra when I plan to use thick socks in them.

The boots should fit snugly around your ankle and foot, but still, have some room for your toes to move without them bumping into the upper or sides of the inner boot.

Height of the shaft

The shaft or height of the boot will determine how deep you can go in the water or mud. If you are going to cross rivers then you should look for boots with the tallest shafts as possible.


Not all boots are 100% waterproof, so if you know you are going to walk in deep waters and the main reason you want rubber boots is to keep your feet dry then you should look for reviews or guides that have tested the waterproof capability of the boots.


Durability is a big part of any purchase as well if you are going to invest your money in a pair of rubber boots you want them to last for a long time. Usually, the thicker and more layers of rubber/insulation the boots have the more durable they will be, but its no the case for every boot.

There are a lot of bad manufacturers that create rubber boots of the cheapest material possible to get their profit margins high. This material usually tears up after a few months of use and is not durable at all. These boots are usually priced low, but even some high-end rubber boots have the tendency to tear because of either bad material or design.

Make sure to either read the reviews or feedback the boots have gotten from other customers, looking on the amazon ratings will often give you a good overlook on how the rubber boots have performed in the past. All boots will have a few negative comments, but if 80% of customers have given the boots 5 stars its usually a very good sign of a pair of quality boots.


What are you going to use the rubber boots for? work, farm work, fishing hunting or everyday wear? There are endless use cases and they all have their own style and preferred looks.

Decide on what you are going to use your rubber boots for and start your research from there. I tried to include every possible genre out there for my list, but if you don`t find a good fit for you I suggest you do a quick search on amazon on forums to find a pair that you like.


I hope I helped you to find the best rubber boots. If you think there is anything I have missed or left out let me know in the comments below and I will make sure to add it in the article.

I spent countless of trying to find the best rubber boots for each use case and I hope you enjoyed the read.

Take your time when you are choosing your next pair of boots, make sure they are comfortable, fits nicely and of course, look good and you will be on a good start to get yourself a pair of proper boots!

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